Terms & Conditions:

By being a member of Travel & Art you will agree to these terms and conditions.

Joining Travel & Art:

Safety: We do our best to make Travel & Art as safe as possible but you need you to meet us half way and do the following:
- You will not upload malicious Viruses or codes to Travel & Art.
- You will not pass on your login information to other people.
- You will not seek other member's personal information.
- You will not spam Travel & Art.
- You will not Bully, Harass or intimidate another member.
- You will not submit content that is hurtful, abusive, pornographic and illegal, contains violence and/or nudity.
- You will not use Travel & Art to do anything unlawful.
- You will not seek any sexual activity on Travel & Art.

By joining Travel & Art you agree to the following:
- You use correct contact information and keep it up to date.
- You do not share your account or login details with anyone.
- You agree to respect other members, even if their views are not the same as yours.
- You are not a convicted sex offender.
- You are over 13.

By breaking any of the above rules, you will be banned and if appropriate, reported to the police in your country with evidence passed on.

Account Removal:
We hold the right to refuse any membership and to remove any accounts on Travel & Art. You will be notified by email if your account has been closed. We will only close a members account if we are suspicious of their behaviour or they have broken our terms and conditions.

We try to keep Travel & Art free where possible but we do have hosting, marketing and feature development costs. Although Travel & Art is free for members to join, if you wish to have the ability to contact other members directly you will have to sign up for Global Membership for a low annual subscription fee. This helps to protect the privacy of our members.

Sharing your content on Travel & Art:
We welcome you to share your content on Travel & Art whether it is via a photo, blog, or on our forums. We do not take the rights of your content, the copyright belongs to you, however we are not responsible if another member takes your work. This is a risk you take when submitting content on the Internet.
We do however have the right to use your work on Travel & Art and in promotional newsletters. For example, sometimes when we send a newsletter it may be promoting the photo section and we may include your photo in that newsletter.
Search engines such as google can also pick up content submitted and display it on their pages. We can not stop this.
We encourage our members to share their Travel Journaling experiences with others. You are invited to post your work on the site, if you post anything which is not your own work, it must be with the authorisation of the owner, and this must be clearly stated. We hope you will encourage others by posting comments. Please do not use inappropriate or inflamatory terms. You have the option to report any post or comment as inappropriate, and we reserve the right to delete any such content.

Once you are a member you can sign-up for any of our workshop groups - some may be free but the majority are paid for. Each workshop leader is responsible for the running of their particular group.

We encourage you to invite as many friends to join as possible but please do not spam them. Send no more than one invite a week. New members are not allowed to send invitations.

One of the aims of Travel & Art is to allow people with a passion for travel and journaling to make contact with each other. Please browse and make new friends. However if some one does not accept your request, please respect that. It may be nothing personal, just they do not want to meet other people.
Please note that you will only be able to contact another member directly if you are a global or founder member.

Global and Founder members can send messages to friends and keep track of conversations. Please do not use this to spam your friends and do not advertise another service, site via them. Do not share private data. We can see all messages but only read them if one has been reported.

As a member of Travel & Art, you have your profile and on the dashboard you will see a link you can share with other people, that will show your profile. You can access your friends profiles and leave a comment please do not spam your friends comment section.

You can access Travel & Art via some Mobile/ cell phone networks. We do not charge but please check with you network as they may charge a fee for surfing the internet via your mobile/ cell phone. We are not responsible for any fees you may be charged.

We hope you enjoy using Travel & Art and if you have any issues at all, then please report them and contact an admin.

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