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Five Ways Travels can Enrich Your Art
Quilt artist Susie Monday has written an excellent article on how to make your Travel Journal more than just a recepticle for your memories. Travel provides inspiration for her other artwork, and she uses her journal to capture those ideas for future use. Click on the title to view her blog.
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Added on June 26, 2011

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Interview with Maria Trujillo
Maria is a native Columbian now living in New Zealand

"My husband is very proud of my journals, when he tells someone about our trips or suggests places to people he shows them my pages. He says "WE can remember everything with your journals" "
Maria Trujillo
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Interview with Erin Perry
Erin creates wonderful Travel Journals full of ephemera. She lives in Morro Bay, California USA

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"Photos are wonderful, but they don't have the same tactile power of recall that a well kept travel journal evokes." Erin Perry

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Interview with Kolby Kirk
Kolby is a passionate traveller and journal keeper from Oregon USA 2001 Europe Journal 2 [6/12]
"I find that I am most alive when travelling and I want to make sure it is documented, not only for myself but my children and my children's children. I’ve experienced some amazing things in this world and I want to make sure I can recall them when I’m older"
Kolby Kirk
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Added on February 8, 2011