What, for you, are the main benefits of keeping a Travel Journal?
#1 May 25, 6:11 pm
What, for you, are the main benefits of keeping a Travel Journal?
I kept my first Travel Journal on a trip to France. Our local village is twinned with the town of Artannes, and the trip was arranged for some families from the UK to visit France, so I was travelling with quite a large group.

I had not done anything creative for a very long time, and decided that keeping a journal for this trip would be a good place to start. Before I left I did quite a lot of research on the web, and also read Art Escapes by Dory Kanter, for inspiration.

I incorporated several of Dory's tips and also took inspiration from Jane Humphrey's journal pages on Flickr.

As I was travelling with a group, I was only able to do quick sketches (Dory Kanter's 3 minute sketch idea was handy here), and quite often had to leave something unfinished - but I always took a reference photo. I also incorporated Dory's idea of engaging all the senses, prompting some very odd looks from my companions as I was seen scribbling and muttering "hmmm, pungent goat aroma, stinky French cheese", but all of this was incorporated into my journal when I got home.

In fact think I spent more time working on my journal after I returned home - that for me was one of the benefits - it prolonged my enjoyment of the trip. But, most importantly the process of keeping the journal made me slow down and really SEE, I noticed things that would otherwise have passed me by had I not been journaling. The finished journal prompts so many more memories of the trip than a few photos would have done, and for me it was also the start of a new business (but I suppose that is quite unusual Tongue)

What have your experiences been?
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#2 September 13, 4:45 pm
At 60, I am just starting to do a Travel Journal. And in the process, I am learning to do some sketching, too. I have always loved to draw and doodle, and I have wanted to start a journal so I can remember what happened and when. I always take a camera with us, and I have about 6 scrapbooks that I have done, but I think the Travel journal will be much better, even though I will be adding photos in it, too.
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