How to stop pages painted with Acrylic paint from sticking together
#1 May 22, 4:13 pm
How to stop pages painted with Acrylic paint from sticking together
Joyce Cole, had posted this in a reply to a question in the "What's in your travel kit" post, but I thought it was such a useful tip it was worth posting here...

Dorlands Wax

I found when I started using acrylic paints in my journal, the pages would sometimes stick together, and rip when i opened the page. So frustrating! I did a little research, and found a couple of journalers who recommended sealing your pages with Dorland's Wax. I think it is usually used by oil painters, but it makes a great way to seal a page.

I usually apply it at night and get up in the morning and buff it out. It works like a charm! It brings the colors out and gives a rich finish that does not stick together. It's rather like clear shoe polish, but with out the bad odor.

I think you do have to be careful what you put it over. It's fine over acrylics and india ink (which I use a lot). I have used it over paint pens, but have found that it's good to let the paint pen ink cure well first...I tried to do it right after using paint pen once and the Dorlands seemed to disolve the paint pen. I've used it over collages too and it worked great.

I have 2 journals that are mostly acrylic, and I seal the pages with wax. I will always be careful not to leave these journals in a hot car however...I imagine that would be an ugly mess.

Here's a link to Dorlands for sale at Blick
and here's a link about Dorland's at the maker's site
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Great tip.
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