Poll: What is your favourite brand/type of pen for drawing?
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What is your favourite type/brand of pen?
#1 May 20, 9:19 am
What is your favourite type/brand of pen?
Just curious, if you like to draw in pen what is your favourite?
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#2 May 23, 9:10 am
I started with Pigma Micron pens, then move to Faber-Castell Pitt Artist pen which I like a lot, more than the Microns. I don't know why but I prefer their ink and tips
Then I started using fountan pens which I always write with. I have tried Pilot Prera with EF nib, find it a little bit dry, Lamy Al-Star EF nib which is thicker than the Prera's, like it for writing better than sketching because of that. (Japanese nibs are finer than the Europeans)
Then I treated myself with a Sailor Sapporo EF nib and absolutely love it. I glides on the paper, the line is very fine but not dry and it is crisp... I have been using it since October and I am really happy with it.
I use Platinum Carbon Ink, it is waterproof so I can paint with watercolors on top.
Both the Sailor Sapporo and the Platinum carbon ink are what Martha McEvoy uses and suggests in her Trumpetvine Travels. (first website I found on Travel journaling)
#3 July 28, 5:55 am
I started with Copic multiliners and Marvy Uchida's pens for drawing. They were great and I had fun with them. Then recently, I tried out some fountain pens namely the Platinum Carbon Pen, Lamy Joy and Kaweco Sport. LOL... yes, I get obsessive about stationaries but I did not buy all of them at one go Smile

My favourite so far has got to be the Carbon Pen. It's comfortable to hold, ink is waterproof and the nib is smooth! As for the Lamy Joy (it's a calligraphy pen but I changed the nib), it writes very well too but the ink is not waterproof. Will be using both the Lamy and Kaweco for writing mostly now, until the ink runs out and I am replacing the ink with waterproof ones! Smile


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