Fran Meneley
New York City
Posted July 6, 2011 by Fran Meneley in Maps, Travel Journal

I've just returned from a trip to New York City, taking my daughter to college orientation. While she was orienting for a few days, I had a chance to fly solo and explore the city. I made this little journal before I left and used bought postcards for the cover.


Besides the postcards all the other "artwork" was made by my pen or bits of FREE stuff from around the city and touristy magazines from the hotel room. A book mark from a wonderful used and new bookstore, The Strand and a coaster from Prune, a restaurant I was very pleased to try by the chef/author Gabrielle Hamilton.


I saw a Normal Heart on Broadway. Raw and honest to the bone, it is a look at the beginning of AIDS activism in New York in the 80's. After the show they were passing out a letter from the show's writer and creator, Larry Cramer. I wanted to keep it so I fashioned a little envelope out of a paper bag and secured it with some decorative tape I had brought along. I love making little pockets and envelopes in my travel journal for either private writing or bigger pieces of ephemera.


Inspired by John Payne's blog on mapping, I made a little map of some of the places I went as I traversed the city.


Wanting to branch out and see parts of the city I hadn't seen before, I did a walking tour of Harlem. A great way to learn history and see things that go by in flash from the window of a bus or cab.


My daughter and I went to the MET to see Alexander McQueen's fabulous multi-media exhibit. Hours were spent lost in a couture dream. Walking through Central Park towards downtown, we stopped for a soda at a little cafe nestled in the trees. Lovely to spend a moment like that with my grown up girl. A sushi stop later in the afternoon will be remembered by the chop stick cover.

I am certain without taking the time make this little journal of our time together, these few fun and precious days would be filed away in the "soon to be forgotten" bin of my life.

Happy Travels and Journaling!
Fran Meneley

Wow! What a great find I stumbled upon yesterday at my favorite local (and very fabulous) art paper store - Scissors disguised as a pen! How brilliant is that? I have surrendered more than one pair to airport security personnel, literally across the globe, because I've left them in my travel journal kit in my carry on. TSA frowns upon them. But you can take knitting needles on an air plane. Really? But I digress.


These fold up like a pen and then, voila they are scissors sharp enough for collage fodder and comfortable to hold. Brilliant design. I believe it's a German company that makes them, so may be readily available in Europe at stationery stores. A quick Google search revealed they can be ordered from - my favorite Japanese pen company.

Love them and had to share.
Gill Tomlinson
The end of Summer...
Posted September 30, 2011 by Gill Tomlinson in Travel Journal
We're still enjoying fabulous weather here in Greece, with temperatures around 27 degrees today, but there's a definite feeling of this being the last of the intense summer heat. Although it's probably still as hot as a mid-summer day in England, my visits to the beach are becoming less frequent now. Here are a couple of sketches done recently on trips to the beach.

Fran Meneley

When I travel I take a small journaling kit to have at the ready for journaling my journey. I use a small Kokuyo bag with a roomy interior that holds my favorite travel journaling supplies:

Peerless Watercolor papers
A glue stick
2 water brush pens
small scissors - remember to take them out of your carry on
mechanical pencil with an eraser
Sharpie black poster paint pen
2 "S" size Faber-Castell PITT artist pens
White Uniball Signo White pen
A couple of colored gel pens
White crayon for watercolor resist
Folded up cocktail napkin for cleaning my water brush pens
Small set of rub on letters
A couple of small glassine enevelopes

I like to use journals with water color paper. I either take one that I've had made with Fabriano Artistico 140 lb. watercolor paper or I also like Moleskine watercolor journals. I try to stick to a journal that is around 8" X 6" - they fit in my bag nicely. A few supplies go a long way to creating wonderful journal pages.
Erin Perry
Southwest Passage
Posted June 28, 2011 by Erin Perry

Winter 2009 found me in Taos, taking a week long workshop with Lynne Perrella and Anne Bagby. It was a magical experience - the teachers, the art, staying at the Mabel Dodge Luhan House, and, the snow (especially for this coastal California girl).


We were kept delightfully busy, but I did manage to find odd moments here and there to compete a journal.


I love now being able to leaf through the pages and have the memories back as crisp and sharp as if I'd been there last weekend. It is so true that when we create a travel journal, we can open it at any time and relive the experience.
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