Erin Perry
Southwest Passage
Posted June 28, 2011 by Erin Perry

Winter 2009 found me in Taos, taking a week long workshop with Lynne Perrella and Anne Bagby. It was a magical experience - the teachers, the art, staying at the Mabel Dodge Luhan House, and, the snow (especially for this coastal California girl).


We were kept delightfully busy, but I did manage to find odd moments here and there to compete a journal.


I love now being able to leaf through the pages and have the memories back as crisp and sharp as if I'd been there last weekend. It is so true that when we create a travel journal, we can open it at any time and relive the experience.
Admin (Gill)
I have just posted an interview with member Maria Trujillo.

Maria says of one of her journal pages - "I can remember the spot clearly when I see this page...the smell...the temperature...the light...that's the beauty of travel journaling, you can be back to the moment in a second!"

Read the full interview here
Gill McC
Sometimes I want to keep everything in one place when I am travelling. I was lucky to find this Derwent Sketching Folio on offer, including a set of Graphitint pencils. I had no need for the enclosed palette but that left room for a large Moleskine Sketchbook which fits perfectly.


The photo of the Folio is printed on Safmat (from Letraset), a transparent adhesive film - great for sticking photos to your journal without adding too much bulk.
Gill McC
Maps are always a good addition to a travel journal and you can employ one of the tricks you learnt at school - tracing!
"I thought it would be a good memory prompt to show visually some of the places we visited in Cornwall. I traced a map of the area and overwrote it with notes."
From the travel journal of Gill McCowen
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