Gill Tomlinson
The end of Summer...
Posted September 30, 2011 by Gill Tomlinson in Travel Journal
We're still enjoying fabulous weather here in Greece, with temperatures around 27 degrees today, but there's a definite feeling of this being the last of the intense summer heat. Although it's probably still as hot as a mid-summer day in England, my visits to the beach are becoming less frequent now. Here are a couple of sketches done recently on trips to the beach.

Gill McC
A great way to capture little things as you are travelling, is the 3 minute sketch technique featured in Dory Kanter's book 'Art Escapes'. By drawing a small box on the page beforehand you avoid the 'blank page syndrome' and can record small things that catch your eye. The sketches don't need to be great works of art - just little things that will prompt your memory.

Sketches at Lille

"Long wait at Lille station for our TGV. My eye was caught by two musicians travelling with their cello's when they were standing at the ticket machine.

I loved Dory Kanter's suggestion in her wonderful book "Art Escapes" that you draw little boxes on the page and sketch inside them - far less intimidating than having to fill a whole page, it also meant I could get away with drawing only the bottom half of the 'french chic' girl - the top half was far too difficult!"

From the Travel Journal of Gill McCowen
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