Georgina Ferrans
I get so excited at Glastonbury Festival than unless I make notes of the places I've been and bands that I've seen, I'm sure I would forget it all in no time! Altering a book has been an integral part of my festival experiences for years, and the weeks leading up to it, and the choosing and preparation of my book just adds to the excitement.

This years choice was an old Ladybird book on leaves. Before I leave I'll generally have the pages coloured and a number of things collaged onto the page ready. There is no sense doing all the work there. Too much to carry!

I was lucky enough to meet one of the acts who signed my book, which has made it extra special.

I'll generally take just my book and a small pencil case of essentials around with me. Pencils and ink pens, white pens, a handful of watercolour pencils, scissors and a gluestick.

I then make notes, collect the newspapers and handouts and generally beaver away in it while I'm there. It's fun to work on while sat in a field relaxing, or in the centre of a heaving crowd. Most of whom then want to chat about what you're doing, so it's a great way of meeting new people.

Thanks for reading! If you'd like to see the rest of the set they can be found here...
Diana Hollingsworth Gessler
My illustrated travel journals date back to 1974 so when my genius friend and webmaster, Tim Kling, and I decided to revise my website, we had a treasure trove of illustrations to choose from. The only problem for Tim was that he became visually overloaded with so many options. But then we got a process going whereby he would describe the size and type of illustration he needed, and I would begin perusing the journals—all 25 of them. I do have an index of all the countries/cities in the journals, but I now plan to go back and make an index of the illustrations (palm trees, turtles, etc) so that the next time we revise the website it will be a little less time consuming since I tended to linger over some of the memories as I was researching. If you have journals you understand.
Gill McC
A great way to capture little things as you are travelling, is the 3 minute sketch technique featured in Dory Kanter's book 'Art Escapes'. By drawing a small box on the page beforehand you avoid the 'blank page syndrome' and can record small things that catch your eye. The sketches don't need to be great works of art - just little things that will prompt your memory.

Sketches at Lille

"Long wait at Lille station for our TGV. My eye was caught by two musicians travelling with their cello's when they were standing at the ticket machine.

I loved Dory Kanter's suggestion in her wonderful book "Art Escapes" that you draw little boxes on the page and sketch inside them - far less intimidating than having to fill a whole page, it also meant I could get away with drawing only the bottom half of the 'french chic' girl - the top half was far too difficult!"

From the Travel Journal of Gill McCowen
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