Jo Reimer
My husband and I celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary by taking our children and grandchildren to the island of Kauai in Hawaii. Both granddaughters have an interest in art so I decided to make little journals for them and one for me, thinking that working in the journals would be lots of fun for us.

The Pages
I cut watercolor paper, painted papers, and beach themed scrapbook paper into 6" squares for the pages and bound the three books with a plastic coil binding using my RubiCoil machine to punch the holes as I do with many of my journals.

I had prepared many pages in my own book by gluing, stapling, and sewing elements to the pages, leaving the watercolor pages blank.

As it turned out I was the only one who took time to work in my journal and I didn't dive into the journal many times while we were in Hawaii. It was more important to spend time with my family than to bury my head in my journal, so most of the work was done after I returned home.

I printed a representative number of photos, business card sized, and added them to the pages, and did most of the writing after we got home, with the notible exception of the page done on our anniversary day.

My dear husband woke up on our anniversary with some sort of stomach virus but didn't tell me until mid-day when he couldn't carry on, so we scraped our plans and spent the afternoon and evening back in our bungalow while the rest of the family was off having a good time.

Although I understood I was a bit upset so I took out my little journal and commenced to write about my feelings in a way I've developed when I don't want someone to EVER read my words. I call this

Writing That Can't Be Read
First I write across the page in the normal way. I turn the page sideways and continue writing on top of the previous lines. Then I turn the page on a diagonal and finish. A very interesting pattern emerges which lends visual interest to the page. Try it for yourself... and see if you can identify the page in my Hawaii Journal, a few pages of which I've posted in an album on this blog.

I carry a small with me and jot down thoughts throughout the day and I used these and my many photos to remind me of places and events when I finally sat down to work in the journal back home. And I did a couple of little watercolors from photos and still plan to add more watercolor sketches and photos to a few remaining blank pages.

Please visit my Hawaii Travel Journal album to see the photos as I can't figure out how to upload an directly into this post.