Fran Meneley

I was in Taos, New Mexico the week before last for a class with artist, Sas Colby. Here a are a few pages from my travel journal.

We spent the week at the Mabel Dodge Luhan house - an old, storied and charming adobe just a few blocks from town, tucked up against the Taos Pueblo lands. That's Mabel and her friends Frieda Lawerence (wife of D.H.) and painter Dorothy Brett in the upper left hand corner. I found a little sketched vintage postcard that I wanted to include of the now famous Taos church. We did watch the full moon rise over the morada from Mabel's huge guest room windows - but the photo in the bottom right hand corner is from a gallery guide, it's Moonrise Over Hernandez, by Ansel Adams.


I mapped the places we went in Taos - only a few as we were mostly in the studio drawing - and I mapped my sweet little room in the studio building. I'm so enjoying the layer of richness that mapping brings to my travel journals.


I made a little pocket for my class notes out of some artist paper I had and a little watercolor drawing I did of Guadalupe from a drawing moment at the sculpture park one day. I love pockets in my travel journals for writing that I want to keep, but have a little more private. I spent some time drawing the morada in walnut ink with a haiku from our walk there one morning. I also included a little sketch of Mabel's birdhouses on a tea bag! That's right...dried tea bags! They make wonderful stained paper - soft and transparent - they are just the right size to capture a moment and that can be added to a travel journal with a couple of dots of glue stick.
Erin Perry
mexico 3.jpg

These are watercolour sketches from the travel journal I kept on our trip to La Manzanilla in the state of Jalisco, Mexico in 2005. A charming sidewalk restaurant where we enjoyed breakfast one morning – mmm - fresh tortillas, chimichanga and big mugs of steaming cafe con leche.


We spent long lazy days in the sun, naps in the hammock, endless time to read, journal and paint. Our base was a house halfway up a hill (steep climb!) with a constant 180 degree view of the bay below. The house was built right up against the hillside and surrounded by lush foliage and myriads of palms.


Two iguanas lived on the carport roof and kept a watch on the outdoor shower. But... ..not near as close a watch as I kept on them!


The last few days of our trip were spent in El Manzanillo in the state of Colima, 30 miles down the coastline. A charming little hotel, right on the shore. Beautiful rooms, spectacular sunsets, and long walks along the Pacific.


This bridge arched over the swimming pool. It was delightful to relax on the patio, listening to the rustle of the palms with a margarita in hand and watch the lights of the city across the curve of the shore.

These were done with medium line Faber Castell Pitt Artist pens and Windsor and Newton watercolours. I love, that inexpert as I am, the sketches really capture the essence and feel of when and where they're created and can transport me right back there -ah! is that a whiff of coffee I smell?
Gill Tomlinson
Having been ill for several weeks, I feel like I've missed out on the start of the summer here in Greece. So made a big effort yesterday and headed off to the beach with a new(ish) moleskin sketchbook, water pen, a handfull of pens and some brand new Caran D'Ache Neocolour crayons.

As this was the crayons' first outing, I hadn't accounted for the fact that they are not for outdoor use here (in a Greek summer!) Think - bar of chocolate in 38 degree heat....not a pretty sight. No longer pristine, they have now re-formed at least, thanks to some freezer blocks that were keeping a watermelon cold.

Anyway - despite getting in a bit of a mess, I managed to exercise both crayons and moleskin and produce a couple of sketches from under the umbrella!

Elisa Pages
Hello from France !

Back in June I went to Brussels, Blegium, for work.
I only visited for one day but I wanted to keep the photos.

I did this journal as soon as I came back...I was very fast to do

I picked up the airport magazine because I liked the format and the images where fun, so I simply stuck the tickets and collected items as well as the photos, directly in the magazine.

I also stuck elements I cut out from the tourist office brochure

Have a good day xxx
Georgina Ferrans
I get so excited at Glastonbury Festival than unless I make notes of the places I've been and bands that I've seen, I'm sure I would forget it all in no time! Altering a book has been an integral part of my festival experiences for years, and the weeks leading up to it, and the choosing and preparation of my book just adds to the excitement.

This years choice was an old Ladybird book on leaves. Before I leave I'll generally have the pages coloured and a number of things collaged onto the page ready. There is no sense doing all the work there. Too much to carry!

I was lucky enough to meet one of the acts who signed my book, which has made it extra special.

I'll generally take just my book and a small pencil case of essentials around with me. Pencils and ink pens, white pens, a handful of watercolour pencils, scissors and a gluestick.

I then make notes, collect the newspapers and handouts and generally beaver away in it while I'm there. It's fun to work on while sat in a field relaxing, or in the centre of a heaving crowd. Most of whom then want to chat about what you're doing, so it's a great way of meeting new people.

Thanks for reading! If you'd like to see the rest of the set they can be found here...
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