Emily Townsend
Travel Journal Video
Posted October 17, 2011 by Emily Townsend in Travel Journal
Just put a silly little movie of my latest journal here at youtube:
Hello everyone ! my name is Maryann K . I have been journaling,since I can remember . I love art journaling , especially on my travels . I am a filmmaker as well as an artists but art journaling is a love that I can't ever give up . It has saved me from the difficult times and I stand by art journaling to be a therapy as well to setting yourself free from what is bothering you or what made you happy that day.
I have travelled a bit , not as much as alot of you are fortunate to do , that must be amazing.But I have travelled and keeping an art journal is great for travels . Im glad I found this site , and I hope to get to know some of you ,Im already inspired by you all . Im from Los Angeles , Ca. born and raised. Very proud to be a cali native .: )
Gill Tomlinson
The end of Summer...
Posted September 30, 2011 by Gill Tomlinson in Travel Journal
We're still enjoying fabulous weather here in Greece, with temperatures around 27 degrees today, but there's a definite feeling of this being the last of the intense summer heat. Although it's probably still as hot as a mid-summer day in England, my visits to the beach are becoming less frequent now. Here are a couple of sketches done recently on trips to the beach.

Emily Townsend
travel junk journal
Posted September 14, 2011 by Emily Townsend in Travel Journal
Using a bunch of scrap paper, I made a little journal to take on trips.
Funny that I ended up journaling more ABOUT travel than bringing it along, but for next time, I will be ready!
Here is a video that shows that pages:

also I blog about journaling here:

not always about travel, although I sure wish I were traveling enough to make pages about that. . . .
John Payne
Wilma and I headed up to Glacier National Park in July of 2008. Doesn't seem that long ago.


This was our first big post-kid trip, and we took the Amtrak from Chicago to Glacier (30-hour ride). This was my first trip since I started illustrated journaling, so this was my first travel journal entry. I packed along my journal, watercolor pencils, artist pens and waterbrush.

My whole travel journal for this trip is in July and August, 2008 in my blog at I'll post more later on my process but I wanted to post here about my favorite entry of that trip.

We had a long hike up to Sperry Chalet for an overnight stay. The 6+ miles and 3432' altitude gain were tough, but worth it. The Chalet has no electricity or running water, except for a sink at the restroom, supplies arrive by pack mule, but it was enchanting! This place is staffed with cooks, wait staff and housekeeping and even a baker (fresh bread and cake!), and they made us feel welcome. But I digress. After the hike Wilma took a much deserved nap, so that left me in full quiet, sitting on this balcony in the wilderness with un-rushed sketch time, so I took it all in. I took pictures and did the color work at home, but all the layout and pen work was done sitting on that deck in the clear mountain air, with snow drifts to walk through to get to the head or the dining/kitchen cabin. This is heaven and it all comes back when I view this sketch.
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